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Class Subjects | West Coast Event & Balloon Arts Convention

What to Look Forward to for WCE&BAC 2015:

Advanced Custom Heat Sealing – Glenna Kipp, CBA

Did you know that you can use heat sealing techniques to create wonderful custom shapes in foil balloons?  Christopher Horne, CBA, Irina Lobanova, CBA, Steve Mings, CBA, Francie Rosen, CBA and many others are being very creative with their foils.

Have you ever seen Quilted Starpoints?  Sea shells and fish scales made of round foils?  Flower petals and fish tails from hearts?  And all kinds of crazy things happen to Bubbles when heat is applied!  Join Glenna to explore some of the possibilities for Custom Heat Sealing your balloons.

 If you would like to participate in the hands-on session, you need to bring your own Craft Iron.  Contact Glenna glennak@mayflow.com for information about Craft Irons to use with balloons.

Animation and Special Effects – GET A MOVE ON! – Jim Skistmas

Learn some basic to mid level techniques to add some “POP” and Action to you decor.  Wave, turn, spin and explode your way to higher sales.

Balloon Buddies – Brian Asman

This class will focus on some tried and true designs that have been worked, reworked and simplified by Brian himself. The figures taught in this class can be worked into centerpieces, traditional decor or transformed into large standalone sculptures. Join Brian for this hands-on approach to these crowd-pleasing figures.

Balloon Sculptures – Go Big…KNOW HOW!  – Jim Skistmas

Framing techniques that help speed up the process of creating large sculptures that stand-alone in creativity and appeal. Framing allows a more select use of balloon sizes for detailing and also can allow you to incorporate your animation skills easier!

Balloon Canopies?? – No Helium, No Problem – Eduardo Seiti, CBA

With Eduardo’s engineering background he’ll construct and demonstrate how you can build balloon canopies without the use of helium. Come and join the class and count the many various shape domes that can be created for any occasion. Find out how some can be constructed without the use of poles and bases.

Centerpiece Jam Session Open – Eduardo Seiti, CBA

Eduardo will introduce several centerpieces showing a unique technique to create a centerpiece with only using 4 steps. Everyone will have a chance to vote on which centerpiece you like and have an opportunity to create your own centerpiece. Bring a hand pump and scissors to class.

Customize and Personalize Foils and Latex – Ken Shute

Technology is growing in leaps and bounds and if you are not adding it to your bag of balloon tricks, you may be left behind. Adding a personal connection through your foils and latex is as simple as a little thought and some spray paint. Ken will show you the easy way to add value and punch to a client’s design to take it to the next level with easy to use tools you may already have.

Distortion Techniques Goes Wild Over Latex – Jim Skistmas

Jim reveals how he created the facial features on his famous Wizard.  That was the first display anyone had seen of his now famous Platform Distortion Techniques.  It was the beginning of a lot of his “distorted ideas”! Now he steps back in time to update you with practical applications for the technique.  Watch how his ideas Mushroom!

Draping Fabric – Julie Reed, AFID

Description:  Experience and learn the art of design for draping fabric from a blank slate to a room that is fitting for weddings and events.  Create emotion with the right fabric treatments and the “Finishing Touch”  that sets the feel and theme for your customer’s event.  Walk into a room of romance and softness and come away with architectural ideas that completes your event.

Fantasy Flowers-Hot House of Exquisite Unearthly Delights – Glenna Kipp

Come visit Glenna’s Hot House and prepare to be surprised at the fantasy flowers, twizzles, foliage and other interesting creations you find there. During the Hot House tour you will learn many techniques for changing the shape of balloons by inserting a frame and distorting the balloon.  Glenna will share tips for adding fine details and textures to your creations. Bat Plant, Croton,  Japonica, wreaths, potted plants, corsages and fantasy flower jewelry are just a few of the Hot House varieties. If you already know basic fantasy flower techniques, then you will appreciate these more advanced possibilities.

“Figuring” it Out – Balloon Solutions – Glenna Kipp

How many balloons will it take to build this arch?  How much helium will I need?  How much weight will hold my arch in place?  Someone asks Glenna these questions almost daily.  In class she will help you answer these questions with some simple and reliable math techniques.  You will have a chance to practice them so the techniques become comfortable tools and second nature.

Glenna has a surprise hands-on session in which you will test your calculations out while building a sculpture.  See how easy it is to add, subtract, divide and multiply and come up with accurate product estimates for your designs.  After all, counting $$$ at the end of the day is what we most want to know.

Please bring your calculator, paper and pencil to class.

Floral Design – Architectural  Beauty and the Unusual – Julie Reed, AFID

Find inspiration with theme, balance, harmony and color through Julie Reed’s architectural contemporary floral designs.

Julie will show you how flowers can adapt to unusual settings.

Learn how different elements using floral bendable wire, natural materials, touches of balloon elements and live blooms can create an art of beauty.

Have an opportunity to create your own wire and blooms creations and take it home.

Get your Custom On with Hot Wire! – Ken Shute

The big brother class to Hot Wiring – Ken will be showing you how to take the simple line cutting you learned from the Ultimate “Add-on” class to the next level with super sizing and 3D designs for MAXIMUM impact.   Easy and quick, 3D designs are as simple as layering your 2D work. Experience hands on application for a 3D design. No tools necessary.

Heat Sealing Lab – Glenna Kipp, CBA

In the Advanced Custom Heat Sealing class Glenna will present a variety of techniques for sealing and distorting balloons with an Impact Sealer, a Craft Iron, and a regular Iron. The Heat Sealing Lab is an opportunity to try these techniques hands-on.

Each student must provide their own Craft Iron for this session. Your Craft Iron must have a dial which allows you to select the temperature. Please email Glenna at glennak@mayflow.com and request information about Craft Irons before your purchase your tool.

Hot Wire – Ultimate Add-On Tool – Ken Shute

No, I’m not going to teach you how to boost cars to increase your bottom line; I’m going to show you how to add simple foam work designs to your repertoire to attract and land more clients! Learn how to incorporate hot wire designs into centerpieces and décor with a few lightweight foam sheets and some easy to operate hand tools and you are on your way to bigger profit.

Learn, Play or Refresh with the Basics – Maribel Garcia, CBA

Just starting or need a better understanding of balloon basics? This class will be taught in a combo Spanish and English class and answer many of your questions.

Gain knowledge on the difference between air, nitrogen and helium. Find out if you really can make more money using air vs. helium. Learn the questions to ask your clients and yourself when planning décor for an event. Find out what your took kit

should always contain.   Learn and know what to consider when planning an outdoor decor. Do you need to learn the basic of tying a balloon? Are you familiar with the “vocabulary” of balloons?

Play and refresh your knowledge of the balloon basics with Maribel.

Milestone Birthdays – Maribel Garcia, CBA

Wheather it’s a party for a 1 year old or 80 year old or anything in between, you’ll probably looking for new and fresh ideas.  Find out how new techniques such as the Radiance technique can personalize that special milestone birthday.

 Themes, themes and timeless theme designs will be shown.  Have your hand at working with one of the few new techniques Maribel will show you.  Take these ideas home home and start designing a milestone birthday.

Optimizing Columns and Arches – Eve Antonello, CBA and Silvia Santos, CBA

Classic, traditional, sellable exactly like this are Arches and Columns but when we give a different touch, when we                   aggregate elements  that translate your costumer’s dreams, when we innovate and realize what the market wants, this way we conquer our differential . In this class we’ll give you lots of very good tips between classic and creative, traditional and innovative. Come and discover “crazy” ideas that will put you ahead of your competitors and will amaze you costumers.

Preparation for a Large Build – Part 1 – Brian Asman, CBA

This class will focus on how to super-size any design. Using a computer and our balloon knowledge, we can take any image or logo, upsize it to whatever dimensions necessary and then decide which balloons and techniques to use for the design. Class will discuss the preparation and thought process that will lead to Part 2: Building from Blueprints.

***WARNING: Computer use and mathematics involved.

Preparation for a Large Build; Building from Blueprints – Part 2 – Brian Asman, CBA

In this class, we will build a large-scale design using the techniques and processes learned in the Preparing Blueprints class. Both classes combined will be a real world example of how a sketch or image can be transformed into an amazing balloon replica.

Quinceanera’s Parties and Trends - Maribel Ulloa-Garcia, CBA

If someone comes to you and says their daughter is having a Quinceanera, do you know what this means and its importance?  Find out the history and traditions behind the party.

Today Quinceanera parties are similar to weddings and themes play a big part.  Trends for this market has changed over the years.   Find out where the trends and themes for the Quinceanera market are headed in 2015-2016.  Use these theme ideas for other parties.

Maribel will tell you how you can break into the Quinceanera market.  She will also have an opportunity for you to build a banner that you can sell over and over to your clients.

Secrets to Merchandising & Retail – Maribel Ulloa-Garcia, CBA

You have an urge to open a retail store? This class is packed with information and will move fast. Do you know what steps to take and what is needed to be successful? Find out the importance of writing a business plan, what it should include and the benefits it can bring.

Ok, you have a building and ready to get started with painting and setting up Shoppe. Not so fast…know the steps in securing permits and the necessary licenses before you even lift a paintbrush or start moving walls.

Learn the psychology of window displays. store displays and know the importance of training employees. Find out so much more as Maribel takes you through the steps and secrets to merchandising and retail.

Sensational Centerpieces – Optimizing your Centerpieces for Profit! – Francie Rosen

Do you wish you could take your centerpiece from small to tall, from simple to sensational?

Stuck in a rut when it comes to theme centerpieces for Bar/Bat Mitzvahs and corporate events? Find out how to break out of the box from the same old same old and optimize your centerpieces for profit.

Francie will show you at least 7 or more theme centerpiece ideas. Find out how adding that extra something with props and foam board cut outs will set you apart from your competition.

Sew and Stitch with Q-Links – Eve Antonello, CBA and Silvia Santos, CBA

Eve and Silvia will show you how Q-Links is an ideal tool to create projects that fills large spaces quickly by using a new technique of sewing and stitching Q-Links.

This 2-part class will not only show you this technique but many other ways of using Q-Links to build walls, logos, sculptures, gift baskets and so much more.

Walls & Logos Brazilian Style – Latex and Foils – Eduardo Seiti

The call just came in and someone wants you to do a big, BIG BIG wall.  I’m sure you’ve asked yourself, “now what, how do I go BIG?”

Eduardo will share with you his blue print to calculate and plot out any size displays.  Designing, building walls, logos or circular towers, no problem!

 Wedding Tablescape: The Total Package  – Eve Antonello, CBA and Silvia Santos, CBA

Sweetheart and head tables are the focus of many events from weddings, Quinceaneras, anniversaries and more. Why just sell your clients just a centerpiece when you can sell them a full tablescape for their unforgettable photo opportunity?

Watch the magic as Eve and Silvia transform a blank table canvas into the latest sophisticated wedding designs. Enjoy the art of designing full themed tablescapes and visually appealing table top designs, chair decor, centerpieces and backdrops and more. Eve and Silvia will create one-of-a-kind looks using balloons, fabric, lights, and do-it-yourself coverings which will WOW your brides to be.

More classes and descriptions coming soon!